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Last updated 18 Mar 2014


Looking for an Ohio prairie to visit? Prairies are at the height of beauty and showiness in August and September, but are worth visiting at any month.

Go to the OPA Ohio Prairies Map to click for information on dot-marked prairies.

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Mark Your Calendars
Conference presentations and details are being worked out right now;
but the 2014 Ohio Prairie Conference is scheduled for the evening of
Friday, 12 September, and Saturday, 13 September, at Secor Metropark
west of the Toledo in the world-class Oak Openings prairies and

Registration and presentation details will follow later in the year.
Date and Location 
Ohio Prairie Conference
Now Set

New Prairie Plant Names Information

In recent years, a large number plant names, both Latin and Common, have been updated and changed. Much of this derived from genomic (DNA) testing; which showed many old Latin names are no longer valid.

Go Here — To see the extensive list of new prairie plant names.